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Bandgap Design Tool
This tool calculates different circuit element values needed in a design a simple bandgap circuit. The tool will not model the exact nature of the bandgap. The intention is to give users a starting point in the design. This design can further be optimized using SPICE simulators.
Note: Startup circuit is not designed in this tool

Block diagram

Supply Voltage V
PTAT Current in one leg (Iptat) uA
Ratio of D2 to D1 devices n
Vbg (~ 1.2V) V
uP.Cox (PMOS transistors) uA/V^2
uN.Cox (NMOS transistors) uA/V^2
Vdsat (PMOS transistors) V
Vdsat (NMOS transistors) V
Length of PMOS devices Lp um
Length of NMOS devices Ln um
Width of PMOS transistors (Wp) um
Width of NMOS transistors (Wn) um
Resistor R2 kohms
Resistor R1 kohms
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