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Mismatch between two array of identical MOS
Calculates 3 sigma mismatch between two arrays of identical MOS devices (same size, orientation and environment) and expresses mismatch in three different forms: referred to the gates (e.g. in a differential pair in delta Vgs ), referred to the drain (percentage of output current difference), and as DNL in a current DAC when changing DAC code input from p to q assuming p and q devices are identical but distinct. DNL is expressed as a percentage of the current in one single transistor. Note that all the formulas assume that all layout used best practice, as referred to in literature.

Block diagram

Inversion Coefficient IC (>0)
Weak Inversion Slope n
1-sigma VT mismatch coefficient Avt mV.um
1-sigma Beta mismatch coefficient Abeta %.um
Number of devices in array A (p)
Number of devices in array B (q)
Width of each devices W um
Length of each devices L um
gm/Id of the transistor 1/V
3-sigma mismatch in a differential pair structure at the gate mV
3-sigma mismatch in a current mirror %
3-sigma differential non-linearity of unity current for a binary DAC with current output, switching from p to q units %
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