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Downconversion mixers in the receive path multiply the LNA-amplified RF signal by a rectangular waveform generated by the LO. Key performance parameters of mixers include Noise Figure, Input IP3, Gain, and port-to-port isolation. Mixers can be passive or active, single-balanced or double-b...

Online Tools
Receiver system calculation web tool:
This tool is targeted to demonstrate how Noise Figure (NF), Gain and Output refered IP3 is "accumulating" in a typical receiver signal processing chain consisting of filtering, amplification and mixing stages.

Online Articles
A Precise Four-Quadrant Multiplier with Subnanosecond Response paper:
The actual paper is on page 29, there is also a history of analog IC design by Stanford's Thomas Lee with pictures of classic circuits and sheep and stuff.
Improves the linearity of the orginal Gilbert mixer
SiGe MICROMIXER for multi-band WLAN paper from Natiomal Taiwan University:
Wideband mixer that works in the 2.4 and 5.7 GHz bands.
Wideband, inductor-less LNA-Mixer combo paper from University of Twente, Netherlands:
Targeted at SDR's, circuit pair is demonstrated to work between 0.5 and 7 GHz in standard 65 nm CMOS. Measurements performed on packaged samples.
Analysis of BiCMOS downconversion mixer paper from IMCS in Shanghai:
NF and IIP2 analysis of a double-balanced BiCMOS mixer.
Mixer lecture from Anyang University in Korea:
40 slides, mathematical analysis and comparison of various mixer topologies, image rejection issues, bias.
Mixer links from RFMW design:
Links to articles and tutorials
CMOS mixer using switched-capacitor filter paper from Tokyo Institute of Technology:
Direct sampling mixer for multi-band radios demonstrated in 0.18 um CMOS.
Substrate effects in mixers paper from Technical University of Denmark:
Investigates effects of substrate coupling on a Gilbert SiGe mixer fabricated in 0.35 um SiGe HBT. Substrate analyzed using Agilent's Momentum.
Simulated results of CMOS mixer for WCDMA paper from OSU:
Presents analysis and simulated results for a double-balanced 0.18-um-CMOS mixer targeting WCDMA applications.
BiCMOS mixer for 5-GHz WLAN thesis from MIT:
Linearity and noise analysis of mixers, measurements of mixers fabricated in 0.25-um SiGe
Upconversion mixer for Bluetooth thesis from Linkoping University:
Infineon research project, presents detailed simulation test benches (Cadence) and layout issues.
Up-conversion mixer paper from Universiti Sains Malaysia:
Analysis and simulation of CMOS up-conversion mixer for 1-3 GHz operation
Mixer app note and workshop from Cadence:
Join edaboards (free) and download this, which describes small and large signal test benches in Cadence and step by step instructions on setting them up.

RF Microelectronics by Behzad Razavi:
Great reference for transceiver overview, one chapter on mixers and LNA's.
Planar Microwave Engineering by Thomas Lee:
Great reviews on Amazon. One chapter on diodes and another one on mixers.
Practical RF Circuit Design for Modern Wireless Systems Vol. II:
Great reviews on Amazon, including one by Guillermo Gonzalez. One chapter on mixers.